Friday, 16 January 2009

Selena Gomez: Jonas Brothers Need More Boys

Selena Gomez: Jonas Brothers Need More Boys
Selena Gomez, girlfriend of Nick Jonas and a Disney star in her own right for Wizards of Waverly Place, feels that casting famous girls in their videos only leads to tragedy and heartbreak for the Jonas Brothers and the ladies they date.

"Just put boys in [your] videos for now on, how 'bout that?" she joked to E!

Us reports that Gomez, 16, was referencing the incident in which Joe Jonas, 19, reportedly dumped his then girlfriend, 19-year-old Taylor Swift, after an allegedly extremely brief phone call, to date 22-year-old actress Camilla Belle.

Belle was the girl that the boys handpicked to star in their "Lovebug" video.

Taylor might still be angry about what happened. She was recently seen with the Brothers' opening act Demi Lovato at a hockey game. Was Taylor grilling Demi, 16, for info?

Selena might be concerned that Nick, 16, could trade her in for a more-famous model.

She noted that she isn't exactly A-list in the fame department as of yet.

"The mom's just like 'take a picture, take a picture,'" she says. "And the kid's looking at the mom going, 'I don't want a picture of this girl!'"

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