Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Joe Jonas Take Another Swipe At Taylor Swift

While Joe had a diginified silence on his break up with country singer superstar Taylor Swift, he has decided to forget all tht and use his new album to vent his feelings. In one of the songs called much better he takes an obvious swipe at his ex with the lyrics "now I’m done with super stars," , and "with all the teardrops on her guitar", and recently at the JoBros concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Monday, Joe made some impromptu changes to the song Much Better.

Instead of singing lyrics "now I’m done with super stars," he sang "now I’m done with country stars", which obviously made reference to ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Check it out below...

but this probs all a big marketing ploy.i mean if it sells records you should totally sell out your personal life

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