Friday, 5 June 2009

Robert Pattinson Is an Undie Superstar

Robert Pattinson Is an Undie Superstar

Twilight star Pattinson goes low-riding in Interview magazine, exposing his briefs for the camera. But RPattz goes on to expose so much more in the accompanying interview.

Recalling his early years trying to break into show-biz, Pattinson describes a period when he used to live in a "cool little ex-crack den" in London with his buddy Tom Sturridge. "We spent the -better part of a year just getting drunk every night," Pattinson says. "I don't know if that counts as ‘struggling.' "

He also talks about his early years as a model, from ages 12 to 15—"when I stopped looking like

a girl,"e,have you been asking robert to bite him?lol You were right,he is actually funny.

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