Thursday, 23 July 2009

'New Moon' Press Conference

New Moon press panel at Comic-Con with Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, and, boy, was it exciting!

While Summit Entertainment did not permit any personal questions, that didn't stop the crowd from trying!

One ballsy reporter asked about the off-screen chemistry between Rob and Kristen, to which Kristen laughed and replied, "Are you kidding me?" The question was sadly thrown out—not like they would have answered anyway.

They did, however, spill some good juice on the Twilight sequel. That's what we really want to know...right?

When asked about his own personal relationship with the movie, Rob revealed, "I found myself kind of bizarrely invested in the story. I've got more and more attached to it. I've been talking about the script for Eclipse over the past few weeks and I find myself being argumentative."

He adds, "Bella ends up saving Edward like she does in every book. I find it funny that the hero is always being saved by the damsel in distress."

How does New Moon compare to Twilight? Taylor said its "double the action," while Rob revealed, "It's a completely different mood."

Sadly, Rob won't be showing off his musical talents on the New Moon soundtrack. While he contributed to the Twilight soundtrack, he's sticking to straight acting for this one.

What about Kristen? How has her life changed since last summer? Always the elusive one, she replied, "I cut my hair off."

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