Sunday, 24 August 2008

Prison Breaks Back

Its back for it's fourth series.... and also Sara Tancredi back ..attached to her body....a mirical??the producers will have expain this one carefully.

But,just last week, E! Online stated that "at least one actor will be leaving the series for good" and that their identity will be a "genuine surprise" to viewers.

You might feel the show is dragging on a bit the producers are trying to 'reinstall the cryptic mystery element to the show'.
"We’re going back to some old-school, season one storytelling with the book," producer Zack Estrin told website Zap2it. "Just as Michael's tattoos [in the] first year, the book has this season's mysteries in it - riddles, clues, puzzles. Our guys will need to get a hold of that book in order to complete their tasks for season four."

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