Saturday, 20 September 2008

More On how Nick Jonas Spent his Birthday Last week

Not only did Nick get a new Golden Retriever puppy named elvis, he also spent a day at a Dodgers game.

Except, they were the ones playing.

Wednesday night, the Jonas Bros took Nick to Dodgers Stadium.

A source says, the family "rented out the stadium last night to play a baseball game with some friends."

They met up with at least 15 other friends and played from 10pm to a bit past midnight.

And that wasn't cheap!

For Nick's Sweet 16th present, the cost was over $30,000 for just under three hours of playing.

Turns out that just renting the stadium costs $25,000. But then to use the lights for a night game, that's an extra $5,000!

Then food and drinks can go for around $500, and if you bring your own music, it's another $500 to play it on the speakers.

source :perez

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