Friday, 27 March 2009

Titanic - "You're so stupid Rose"


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Hope you are well.

I was hoping you would like to be involved in a campaign I am working on? We are looking to target a young female audience as we have 10 x webisodes which have been created called “Celia & Chloe” (each about 3min long), and I think your site would be a great fit!
Celia & Chloe are friends on a journey to their night of fame. Every episode shows how Celia & Chlöe gets closer to the ultimate red-hot European Premiere of the new Hannah Montana movie.

Would you be interested in running an episode on your site? You can have a look at them on the YouTube we’ve created. Episodes 1 -5 are currently live on the channel (an episode is released every week on a Wed)
I can send you the actual video files or if you’d prefer, the embed codes.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you’d like to be involved.

Kind Regards,

Ammir said...

it is good nice I like it