Sunday, 30 November 2008

Britney's X-Factor Performance

For her first live UK television performance in over four years, the back-in-the-groove pop princess performed her hit single “Womanizer,” while the five remaining X-Factor competitors gave their own renditions of Britney classics.

And there was still the question of: was she miming?
Those fans able to look past the skimpy PVC hotpants and fishnet stockings were left wondering whether the long-awaited performance was all that it seemed.

The pop princess' energetic dance routine did not seem to interrupt her vocals - which seemed near perfect.

This was despite apparent problems with her microphone, which she touched several times during the three-minute performance.

A spokeswoman for the X Factor production company insisted Britney had been singing, telling MailOnline: 'There were some live vocals, but that's a question for the record company.

As she bounced up and down Louis broke into a large smile, perhaps appreciating the novelty of his front-row view of Britney's butt.

After her performance a grinning Britney told presenter Dermot that appearing on the X Factor was 'awesome' and 'amazing'.

'I love being here in London,' she gushed.

Unlike guest stars Take That and Mariah Carey, Britney did not mentor the contestants ahead of last night's show.

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