Monday, 10 November 2008

Cam Gigandet: “I’m Practically Naked Throughout the Whole Movie Twilight“

Cam Gigandet from the new movie Twilight, which opens in theaters November 21st, sat down the MTV News for a quite long interview about the movie, and his newer movie The Unborn, which opens in theaters January 9, 2009!
Read the interview below:

MTV: That must have been weird to shoot with kids who were “evil” but normal between takes.

Gigandet: Well, [my character] comes up the stairs and saves the day, and I didn’t meet the child before — when I first walked up there while we were shooting it, I almost sh– my pants! It was so freaky and so unnatural for me to see a child doing things and looking the way he was.

MTV: Did you ever feel like the set itself was haunted?

Gigandet: Yes, actually. We were filming on location at the insane asylum and were in this big hall that looks like the inside of a church, and we needed lighting to look like moonlight. What they did was bring in this huge light — it’s taller than me — and it’s a ball that has the light on the inside. It’s lifted up into the sky. It was just a massive ball, and while we were sitting there filming an intense scene, all of a sudden the thing just exploded! The whole light on the inside just shattered, and the glass started falling everywhere. [The actors] thought it was fake, that it was a joke — but it wasn’t. That was so eerie!

MTV: “The Unborn” also stars one of my all-time favorite actors, Gary Oldman. What’s he like behind the scenes?

Gigandet: He’s actually really funny. … Once we had to start a scene in the end spot, and then we had to reverse our walk and basically walk backwards … so he did this whole scene basically rewinding himself [laughs], like all his dialogue and motions. It was like someone pressed the rewind button.

MTV: This movie is about a family curse, so we wanted to ask you: Does the Gigandet family have any curses of its own?

Gigandet: Curses? [Laughs.] Well, my dad ended up fat. And so did my grandpa. No, I shouldn’t say that. My dad is not fat.

MTV: So the curse of weight gain will be coming at you someday?

Gigandet: Yeah, but I’m not sure if it’s a curse or just bad genetics. Either way, I’m going to be screwed in about 15 years.

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