Monday, 24 November 2008

Obama'a Daughters To Appear In Hannah Montana

The daughters of new U.S. President-elect Barack Obama are set to become TV stars - they've been invited to guest on hit teen show Hannah Montana.
both fans of the series, have become must-get guests for Miley Cyrus' show.

Cyrus' father and co-star Billy Ray Cyrus says, "The invitation is there. The Hannah Montana film comes out in April. Maybe something might happen around then."
And Cyrus herself can't wait: "I think that would be really cool... They could see what we do and we could hear about what they do.

They are kind of like me before I started my own career. You are kind of put in it because their dad and because of my dad? so I would want it to be normal and they could come hang out on the set with normal girls. I think that would be fun for them.?

Yeah Miley having a dad who is the President of America and having a Dad with a one hit wonder is exactly the same....

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