Friday, 19 December 2008

Emma Watson is a $20 Million Girl

Emma Watson is sitting on a small $20 million dollar fortune thanks to Hermione Granger and yet she still manages to keep herself grounded.

The 18-year-old British actress, who stars voices Princess Pea in the upcoming The Tale of Despereaux, opens up to USA Today in a new interview. Check it!

On having a normal life: “I have a more normal life than people expect. When I take public transport, people are like, ‘That girl looks like the girl from Harry Potter, but it can’t be her on the tube.’”

On wealth: “The wealth side of it hasn’t hit me yet because I have no need for money in my life. I still live at home. I eat meals with my family every night. I don’t go out a huge amount. I don’t really travel a lot. My life will not be motivated by money. I will never do a film because they’re going to pay me a certain amount of money. It’s liberating,” she says. “It means that I can hopefully make great choices.”

On being a princess: “I felt really sorry for (her character, Princess Pea). I can’t imagine anything more lonely, just not being able to be part of the real world and being trapped and locked in hotel rooms and cars.”

On animated movies: “I loved The Little Mermaid. I really loved Pocahontas — she’s a free spirit, wild and bohemian. I’m a massive animated film fan. And now I have my own.”

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