Thursday, 18 December 2008

PETA name Leona Lewis their Person of the Year

PETA has just named Leona Lewis their Person of the Year. The talented singer gave up meat when she was just 12 years-old!

She is also an active anti-animal cruelty campaigner and refuses to wear fur and leather.

So, taking the spot from Stella McCartney last year, Leona is 2008's person of the year and we think it's well deserved.

The Europe Director for PETA, Robbie LeBlanc, said "Leona Lewis is admired for her beautiful voice, but it's her kindness to animals that makes her a superstar in our book."

And not even money will change her.

Just earlier this year, she turned down $1.5 million from luxury London retailer Harrods to open its summer sale. Harrods remains the only U.K. department store to still stock fur.

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