Thursday, 4 December 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears Plastic Surgery Shocker!

Brit's little sister got liposuction. While she was pregnant?

A source tells star magazine that, when she first became pregnant at 16 and started packing on the pounds, Spears begged her mother Lynne to allow her to undergo liposuction treatment.

"She didn't know she was pregnant when she filled out the health questionnaire prior to the procedure," another mole reveals. "Her mom approved the injections and went through tons of red tape to get the clinic to administer them to an underage patient."

Now the former Zoey 101 star, currently 17, is said to be worried about what effect the procedure might have had on her five-month-old daughter, and rightfully so.

"Any form of liposuction is dangerous and should not be performed on a pregnant woman," Dr. Gary Burton, a plastic surgeon, explains to the magazine. "It poses serious health risks to the fetus."

Luckily, Maddie appears to be a perfectly healthy child, and Mom appears to have slimmed down to her pre-pregnancy weight, presumably without a surgeon's assistance.

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