Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Lovebug video was a “It was a canoodle-free set!”

One would assume the Jonas Brothers could have almost any girl they want — but there’s only one they wanted for their latest video, “Lovebug,” set to premiere this weekend on the Disney Channel.

Actress Camilla Belle, known for her work in “10,000 BC” and “When a Stranger Calls,” will be the lead in the boys’ new video.

“It was really funny, because we had, like, three days to prepare the video and they gave me a dream list of people they’d want in the video,” director Philip Andelman (Lenny Kravitz, Jesse McCartney) told MTV News Friday (October 17). “They told me they know it’s a long shot, but ‘we are absolutely in love with Camilla Belle.’ And sure enough, it worked out.”

Even though Belle was also excited to work with the guys, Andelman assured MTV News that there were no romantic dalliances on set. “It was a canoodle-free set!” he joked

The video, set in the 1940s, revolves around a young couple who end up at dance where the Jonas Brothers, who play the couple’s friends earlier in the video, are performing. The guys came up with a rough concept for the video themselves.

“They sent me these four or five lines,” Andelman recalled. “They wanted something very romantic set in the ’40s. It was such a joy, and literally everyone was on the same page, and that’s how we were able to pull it off. I think [the video is] exactly what we saw in our heads. We fed off each others’ enthusiasm.”

Andelman, who had only two days to film an epic, period love story, said he owes everything to the professionalism of the crew and the Jonas Brothers. “It was a hustle,” he said. “You had no time to come up for air. It was a rare instance where everyone [involved] was the best in the business.”

“They are dreamy,” he continued. “They’re so unbelievably professional and well-mannered. … It comes from [their dad], and he raised them to be such gentleman.

“Not to name names, but I’ve worked with some jerks.”

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