Monday, 20 October 2008

My Review of the Lovebug video

Personally, (sori jonas fans (i am one too)) I hated the video and I hated the song. The video is just as slow and boring as the song. We wanted to see the Jonas Brother(well joe jonas really ) but they show us mainly freakin Carmella Belle. And the gelled back hair is not a good look. Why have they set it in the 1940's ?, whats wrong with the 60s . Is it just me or does the video reming you of The Shining??? They were trying to be too mature when they should stick to comedy and Joe's tash. ps wasn't ali Lohan meant to be in the video

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Anonymous said...

stuf omj u really have no taste in music and ur just a wanna b perez hilton/ just jared blogger. nd btw ur blogging really sucks

Accident and Emergancy said...

omg you are so right. we want to take over prez hilton and i always steal just jareds stuff.
come back soon xxx