Sunday, 19 October 2008

Russel Brand says he loves living in America

The British comedian - who is forging a career in the US with movies including 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and the upcoming 'Bedtime Stories' - feels inspired living among such creative people.

He said: "My feelings have never changed about America. They are solely responsible for some of the best art and music in the world. They are beautiful people."

However, Russell also revealed he doesn't like it when Americans take his humour too seriously.

Russell, who was berated for the crude humour he used when presenting the recent MTV Video Music Awards, said: "I read articles criticising me and, because I'm so deeply narcissistic, I thought, 'Do you want to calm down?'

"But this is something I have learnt - whenever people are offended, you need to look at who you have offended. If it's someone great, like Gandhi, you need to worry. But if it's the Christian Republic Right of America then my reaction is, 'Good!' Because they offend me."

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