Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift are OVER!

Perez Hilton Reprts :

"An insider snitched to Us Weekly that Joe ended things with the country sweetheart over the phone earlier this month and "broke her heart."

Over the phone, Joe Jonas? Cold!"

Over the phone...pretty harsh. But I'm sure alot of girls will be very happy at taylors expense.


Pupgirl360 said...

That idiot is a buthead!!!!! Taylor Swift is pretty!!!!
Him and his brothers are stupid!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Taylor.
I may like Joe still but what he did was just harsh.
25 seconds?
Man that's just wrong.

Chris said...

That guy has to be retarded. She is way too cute for him anyway. Just when we thought he wasn't into dudes...

JBlover said...

Joe didnt end the phone call SHE did! they even sed it on their myspace. Something about how taylor didnt want to hear what joe said and no they didnt mention any names.Joe got bad press for something he didnt do! And no i aint just saying that because i like the jonas brothers i like taylor aswell.

Anonymous said...

jblover your a fake ur so rude and dont know what r u r talking bout he ended it u just got that balony from some retarded i like joe but now not so much taylor is the best ever and joe broke her heart he is so rude errrr